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  Soul Healing Counselling   



Help yourself to see blessings in the past experiences, beauty in the present and inspiring future.

Welcome to our Site

If you are reading this probably you or someone you love is struggling; maybe you are looking for some information, maybe hope.  

Soul Healing is a counselling practice welcoming new clients who are looking for professional help.

What I offer?

• Confidential 1:1 integrative counselling within my conveniently placed in town counselling room (possible lunchtime, early morning and evening appointments to accommodate your needs)

• Experienced

• No waiting list to access professional help

• Fully qualified, insured and supervised

• GDPR compliant and registered

• Safe, ethical (BACP ethical framework applied) space to talk

• Appropriate signposting to other available sources of support on island

A Client Said... (these are anonymised to protect client confidentiality)

I am not sure there are enough words to thank Alicja. I was able to cry and talk openly and let go of those heavy load holding me onto the past. With the Alicja's kindness, care, professionalism and good wellbeing strategies she showed me i was able to move my life forward. Alicja, whoever has you to help them through any issues will be very lucky.

A Client Said... (these are anonymised to protect client confidentiality)

Dear Alicja 


I Don't know how often you receive letters of thanks but it doesn't really matter as this is something I felt was the right thing to do.  Prob's more for me but hey ho ! who cares.  


I wanted to say thank you from somewhere beep within.  Having given so much of myself as a people Manager over the past 26 years in my career , I never would have accepted that the one person who needed the most managing from a path of self destruction was myself.  


The biggest learning I will take from all of this, is that you cannot begin to help anyone who is broken, if you are already broken yourself.  You have taken me on a journey of self discovery from truly the darkest of places that I never thought the brain would take someone to a place where hope, future and safety means more now than I ever thought possible.  


You will think "its what I do" but please believe me when I say its so much more than that.  The impact you have had on me and transferred that onto my family has been immeasurable  and safe to say saved a whole unit, not just me. 


Thank You for everything you have done for me.  Of course you have a referral from me wherever I can, for life.   In the nicest possible way I would like to think I don't need you again but never say never as they say.  keep listening, offering your amazing advice and enjoy the Jellyfish cup on the odd occasion you get chance to take a break and have coffee.


Please use this feedback/comment in anyway your see fit. 

I can help you with:

• Relationship issues (both in private as well as work related)

• Long-term illnesses

• Divorce

• Parenting issues

• Bereavement

• Stress

• Sex

• Shame

• General wellbeing

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Borderline personality disorder (BPD)

• Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

• Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia and binge eating

• Substance misuse

If your issue is not mentioned, it does not mean it is not covered, it simply means that therapy can cover such a wide array of issues that I cannot list them all.


A Client Said...  (these are anonymised to protect client confidentiality)

I really felt that I connected with Alicja, she is incredibly easy to talk to and I really felt that she fully understood me. Alicja's work has helped me to see the bigger picture in things that were bothering me, made me realise that there are patterns to some of the feelings that I experience and gave me tools to help me deal with these in other ways going forward. I can honestly say I feel so much better for having worked with Alicja, I really think she is one of Earth's Angels.

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